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Project Ten:  This job removed two slip ring motors and antiquated controls from an overhead crane and replaced them with 2 inverter-duty induction motors, interface control relays and new variable frequency drives.

a Control Project 010 TOP
  • Replaced two slip ring motors with Elektrim 40 HP motors with custom double ended shaft for mechanical brakes.
  • Removed slip ring motor field resistors and associated pull-in speed contactors.
  • Removed forward and reverse starters.
  • Installed new branch circuit protection in motor control center.
  • Installed new panel with two ACS 800 AC Variable Frequency Drives in a NEMA 4 enclosure with cooling fans and ducts into air conditioned equipment room.
  • Drives operated in a master-follower mode via ABB fiber optic link
  • Installed Finder ice cube relays to interface between the existing PLC and the drives.
  • Turnkey installation and startup.
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