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Work, such as gear reducers and pumps, adds to the work of the general shop.  Our in-house machine shop provides support for the general shop and is available for separate repair jobs.  Our machine shop is capable of performing a full range of repair functions including rotor rebarring. 

The EMS Repair Shop is UL Certified.

The plant manager oversees this division directly along with the outside sales staff and acts as overall manager for the other divisions.  The plant engineer is responsible for shop procedures, failure analysis, quality control and technical services.  Our foreman directs the flow of work through the shop and oversees shop personnel.

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Check out our "Mechanical Repair Gallery" to view samples of our  service work.

Machine shop big lathe

Large 1340 HP Armature in the Lathe

milling machine
medium lathe

Undercutting the Commutator on a Traction Motor Armature

traction motor milling

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