Capabilities List

Main Load Test Centre:
Primary input is 480VAC three phase power at 1,200 Amps, with taps for 230V, 480V, 600V, 2.3kV, 4.1kV, 7.5kV, and 9.6kV.

Overhead Bridge Cranes:
3 each - 30,000 pounds lifting capacity, 22 feet under hook.  Two of these cranes can be combined for a total single lift capacity of 60,000 pounds.

1 each – 15,000 pounds lifting capacity, 22 feet under hook.

Various small bridge cranes throughout the shop, and several one ton jib cranes at individual work stations.

Burn-out Oven:
Natural gas fired, 90" over the cart, 80" wide, 90" deep with temperature chart recorder and water mist over-temperature control and fire-suppression.  Cart capacity of 20,000 pounds.

Bake Ovens:
3 total, all natural gas fired, all with temperature chart recorders and fire suppression.  Largest oven inside measures 102" over the cart, 96" wide, and 150" deep.  Cart capacity is 20,000 pounds.

VPI Tank:
6 foot diameter, 6 feet deep with epoxy resin. Access to larger tanks up to 12 foot diameter is available through working agreements with other EASA shops.

Dip Tank:   6X6X6 foot with GRC59 Altana water-borne epoxy.

Machine Shop Equipment:

Largest Lathe – 50" swing, 192" between centres

CNC Lathe – 2 axis, 8" maximum diameter, 80" maximum length

Largest Press – 300 ton Horizontal

Largest Dynamic Balancer – 25,000 pound capacity to 40 rpm

Largest Horizontal Mill – Lucas 50"x 40" table, Travel in each axis is 48" X, 72"
Y, 50" Z

Largest Vertical Mill – Bridgeport 9"x 42" Table

Radial Arm Drill Press – 48" max height under chuck, 36" Throat

Various other machines of smaller capabilities.

Electrical Test Equipment:
Core Loss Tester - Up to 125KVA capacity

AC HiPot -

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